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MIG MAG accessories


Ceramic-coated anti-splash and long-life nozzles

The ceramic coated surface minimizes the tendency to spatter on the nozzles, the improved adiabatic surface extends the service life even under difficult welding conditions.

Contact tips

Copper & CuCrZr contact tips            Ni-plated contact tips

Ceramic coated contact tips for narrow gap welding.
   Welding cable in different versions (see photo).


Ceramic Coated Anti-Spatter Auto Cart Rollers


Spare parts for MIG / MAG welding guns


Stable Wave Pulse type MIG/MAG welding machines
Welding machine V KVA A max. V Hz
Digital Inverter 350A 220/380/440 15.5 40-350 59 60
Digital Inverter 500A 220/380/440 27.5 40-500 73 60
Digital Inverter 600A 220/380/440 38.0 60-600 80 60


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