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Welding devices


Compacting with WELD-TECH

Compacting and pre-compacting for the subsequent further processing of copper strands (Cu strands) of all kinds to prevent them from fanning out.
Customer Benefits:
                              • No more fanning out of the strands, you can use your strands as bulk goods.
                              • Cost savings no additional material (crimp, ferrule) must be used.
                              • Investment savings no expensive equipment has to be ordered.
                              • High precision and reliability.   Used in automotive engineering.
                              • Functional precision work.
                              • On request, we can compress your strands so that they are gas-tight.
                              • Universal from 0.25 mm to 2 and from 2 - 16 mm².
                              • Can be attached to any existing resistance welding machine.

Weld-Tech compacting device WTKV 0.5-2.5

Pneumatic Mirco compacting device for cable cross sections 0.5mm²-2.5mm²


Weld-Tech Compactor WTKV2Z16R

Pneumatic compacting device for cable cross-sections 2.5mm²-16mm²

Detailed view of a compacting process

Compacting device with strand.
Clamping jaws and electrodes during the compacting process

Accessories for compacting technology

Standard ceramic jaws and special ceramics
for resistance welding technology, in particular for strand compacting technology. Production according to your specifications and requirements.
The special ceramic is very heat shock resistant and pressure resistant, well suited for resistance compacting welding.
With the highest thermal shock and pressure resistance, this type of ceramic has a long service life and minimal wear.
Various dimensions in the design: Raw (unpolished) or Finished (polished) to Tel in stock.

Wear test of a high-strength compacting ceramic
Here you can see a ceramic jaw measuring 14 x 14 x 9 mm after 1,000,000 compactions with minimal signs of wear.
Deviations in color and slight shiny spots can be seen, but the mechanical and heat resistance were still very good.



Here you will find a small overview of compacting devices and the associated parts.

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